Mental Rock Climbing Problems: Rebus Puzzles (Part 3)

Your last chance (for now!) to procrastinate with climbing puzzles and maybe even win a free subscription if you can solve them all.

By Daniel Kaye | September 19th, 2018

Are you batting a thousand after Mental Rock Climbing Problems: Rebus Puzzles (Part 1) and  Mental Rock Climbing Problems: Rebus Puzzles (Part 2)? Think you can keep the streak alive?

Only one way to find out! Here’s the last installment.

A Rebus puzzle is a group of pictures and symbols that add up to a word or phrase. They can be about anything (see the example problems), but the batch of puzzles we have for you today are all about (surprise, surprise!) climbing!

Example Problems

(“Jack in the box” , “I’m in love” and “Think outside the box”)


Ok, get the gist? Now it’s time to see if your problem solving skills on the rock translate to these mental rock climbing mysteries—if they do you could win yourself a free subscription to Rock & Ice. The first three people to send all the correct answers in an email to  will win afree one-year subscription! 


Rock Climbing Rebus Puzzles (Part 3)



Daniel Kaye, the creator of all of the puzzles above, is a climber and rebus enthusiast. Follow him at @dynoDan.k for climbing content or, if you’re interested in seeing more rebus puzzles (climbing related and otherwise), check out his rebus Instagram


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