Jimmy Webb Repeats Creature From The Black Lagoon (V16)

Jimmy Webb sends Creature from the Black Lagoon (V16) in Upper Chaos Canyon, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, for its third ascent.

By Rock and Ice | August 21st, 2017


Jimmy Webb made the third ascent of Creature from the Black Lagoon (V16) this past weekend in Upper Chaos Canyon, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. Despite the altitude, the southern flatlander sent the boulder problem in only six days of effort.

“Yesssss!! One of my main goals of the trip is complete with the third ascent of the ultra sick [Daniel Woods] test-piece Creature from the Black Lagoon (V16),” he reports on Instagram.

Daniel Woods established Creature from the Black Lagoon, formerly called the “Black 90 Project,” in September 2016. The boulder problem adds a low start to Leviathan Style (V12), a problem that Dave Graham established in 2001. “This thing turned into a mindfuck battling conditions, altitude, and ups and downs with fitness,” Woods wrote at the time. He was able to do all the moves from day one, but it took him 15 days overall to make the first ascent. Graham repeated the problem a month later after 16 days of effort. Both climbers suggested V16 for the grade.

“After six days of work gaining the necessary power, power endurance, and alpine fitness I was finally able to take it down,” Webb reports. “Feels so damn good to climb such a stunner!!”

A few days prior, Webb also made the second ascent of “a rad new [Daniel Woods] line” called Domestic Cat (V14), under “mint conditions,” he reported.

He says, “Still got plenty of time left in the alpine and there’s tons more to do.” Stay tuned!


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