Dave Graham Sends Woods’ Noise vs. Beauty (V14/V15) in Rocklands

The American climber snags a send of Noise vs. Beauty (8B+/8C) in Rocklands, South Africa.

By Owen Clarke | July 12th, 2018

The American Dave Graham sent Daniel Woods’ Noise vs. Beauty (8B+/8C – V14/V15) in Rocklands, South Africa, last Saturday. Daniel Woods first sent the 13-move problem in 2015, and Nalle Hukkataival and Paul Robinson later repeated it. Following his send, Hukkataival wrote on Facebook that the problem requires “tension and powerful positions all the way through.”  At the time of the first ascent, Woods wrote that Noise vs. Beauty was “one of more beautiful lines I have established.”


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Woods proposed 8B+ (V14) for Noise vs. Beauty, whereas Hukkataival suggested 8C (V15). Robinson concurred with Woods’ original grade. Graham evens out the opinions, siding with Hukkataival. Graham wrote on Instagram, “This boulder proved to be a real challenge with its super technical high-step crux, its tiny sculpted skin destroying edges, and its tricky orientation with the sun. After battling with this rig off and on last season it was my primary objective upon returning here in Rocklands; it was an intense mental and physical journey to persevere, stay focused, not get distracted by the plethora of new boulders to climb, and stick that last sloper from the start!!!” -Owen Clarke


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