A Few More Climbing-Related Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Here are a few climbing-related gift ideas for all those climber dads that like to drink beer and nap and tinker with gadgets.

By Rock and Ice | June 11th, 2020

Anything Beer-Related


It is prime climbing season right now. Stay socially distant and stay safe on the rocks out there. You know what else it is? Prime drinking season. Help dad get his après game in order—a cold beer after flailing on the project makes everything better 🍻


Mountainsmith Cooler Tube – $22



Could this be the pinnacle of beer refrigeration technology? Literally a quiver of beer: what more do you want?


Yeti Hopper Flip 12 – $250


Refrigeration is critical. The Yeti Hopper might not be the right choice for a big alpine climb, but for cragging? Oh yea, this’ll work.


Black Diamond Nut-Tool – $11


Black Diamond knows what’s up: “With an angled hook on one end and a bottle-opener clip-in point on the other, the Nut Tool is an essential part of any trad rack.”

bd nut tool


Nap-Inducing Materials


Dads like to nap—why else would they watch golf or read large, boring biographies and military histories? A book on training or climbing skills should do the trick. And if he doesn’t fall asleep, at least he’ll be entertained.


Trango Rock Climber’s Training Manual – $29


Getting stronger is a lot of work and really tiring. But learning about how to get stronger? Psh, no problem!


Freedom of the Hills – $22


The bible for anyone who wants to climb mountains. Study it closely!


Beyond The Mountain, by Steve House – $18


A modern classic of the climbing genre. This one might even keep dad awake!




Dads like to tinker. They like to press buttons, flip switches and assemble things (often unsuccessfully) without reading the instructions. Get him something that’ll keep him busy trying to figure out how it works—a project, if you will—or else some other shiny, complicated new gadget.


SpotX GPS/Communication Device – $250


So he can get in contact with you wherever he is. (Or so you can keep tabs on him.)


Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator – $200



Power anywhere and everywhere (that there’s sunlight, at least).


Suunto Suunto 9 Watch – $350


Maybe think twice before getting him this one. You’ll never hear the end of all the new metrics he can use to track his mountain travel.


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