Age of Reason

The Verdon Gorge is technical, spicy and run out, so why is this forgotten climbing style now becoming so popular?

By Rock and Ice | February 27th, 2012

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Forgotten First Ascents: "Malaria," Rhumsiki Tower, Cameroon, 2007

In “Forgotten First Ascents,” Owen Clarke is digging up cool climbs from the past and talking to the climbers who made them happen. This week: Malaria, Rhumsiki Tower, Cameroon, 2007.

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John Long's Favorite 5.10: East Buttress, El Cap // Yosemite, California

Back in the day, if you thought yourself the shizzle, you jumped up on the East Buttress of El Cap, Grade 4, 5.10, one of the finest long free climbs in the Valley.

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The Best Dam Climb in America

Memories of youth, temptation and trying to out climb the long arm of the law.

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