Weekend Whipper: Super Mario Extension (V6) Fail

Dylan Wong takes a spill on Super Mario Extension (V6) at Stone Fort outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

By Rock and Ice | September 22nd, 2017

“I was climbing solo and had two pads placed under the crux of the climb. On the crux moves, maybe 14 feet off the ground, my left hand blew off the sidepull rail and I started to fall,” Wong tells Rock and Ice. “My right heel hook stayed on the wall the longest, and I landed on my tailbone (I manged to land squarely on the pads), putting a ton of force into my back and abdomen.

“I got the wind knocked out of me and I moaned a few times (they’re pretty funny, I know), made sure I was ok, then rested and gave it another two burns until I sent it.”

Besides an achy back and “some wounded pride,” Wong is no worse for the wear, he says. “Cheers to being young!”

Happy Friday and climb safe this weekend.


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