Weekend Whipper: Psicobloc 2016 Thrills and Spills

By Rock and Ice | August 12th, 2016

Best falls, jumps and splashes of finals at the Psicobloc Masters 2016 deep-water soloing competition in Park City, Utah.

With big names such as Chris Sharma, Jan Hojer, Nina Williams, Emily Harrington and Alex Johnson—to name a handful—racing side-by-side, free-solo, on a towering 55-foot wall above water, it’s no wonder why it’s a crowd and athlete favorite.

This year, 12 male and 12 female “Masters” from around the world, joined by an additional four male and four female “wildcard” climbers who made the cut in qualifiers, put their skills to the test. The competition requires not only power and technical prowess, but also speed and boldness above the bubbling Olympic Park aerial ski training pool.

Check out the competition results here and photo gallery of the action here.


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