Weekend Whipper: Springmielies! Leaping into the Unknown Above Cape Town

Springmielies means “popcorn” in Afrikaans, and so is a fitting name for a particular niche discipline and its practitioners on the climbing scene in South Africa.

By Rock and Ice | April 20th, 2018

Bit of an unconventional whipper for y’all this week.

Filmmaker Damien Schumann tells Rock and Ice via email that there is an “insane subculture” in the Cape Town, South Africa climbing scene that consists of “climbers who build their own bungee rigs out of climbing ropes and protection and jump off cliffs on Table Mountain.” Schumann and his co-filmmaker Garrreth Bird set out to document it.

“They climb the cliff for as high as they can brave it,” Schumann says, “and then throw themselves off! It’s an organized, pre-planned whipper!

One of the climbers-cum-jumpers in the video explains, “The idea is to climb up there for as long as you’ve got balls for and jump off. Yea, it’s kind of an intimidating place.”

Not sure we’ll be running out to try this nonsense ourselves anytime soon, but to each his or her own.

Happy Friday and climb safe this weekend!


Filmed by Garrreth Bird and Damien Schumann Edited by Garrreth Bird Jumpers: Jimbo Smith, Clifford Haikimi and Julia Wakeling

To see more work by by the filmmakers, visit: www.dspgallery.com www.garrrethbird.com


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