Weekend Whipper: Pipe Corner (15/5.8) at Point Perpendicular, Australia

Luc going airborne on Pipe Corner (15/5.8) at Point Perpendicular, Australia.

By Rock and Ice | December 1st, 2017

Harley submitted this whipper on his buddy Luc’s behalf. Luc and his friend Blackie were still out at Point Perpendicular but wanted this gnarly fall delivered to cringing fans the world over as soon as possible.

Harley explains that the route, Pipe Corner, is an easy 15 (5.8), but “with shit pro and shit rock.” Luc went airborne when a hand hold broke on him.

Luc relayed the specifics of the fall through Harley: “2 meters max above the pro,” he says. “Trying to mantle over a ledge. The top piece was a micro-cam, and below that a nut. The bottom pro, a nut, zippered out.”

As to the rock quality, Luc says that in the full video “you can see bulk debris falling” as he climbs, most of which was rock that he was breaking off.

Blackie and Luc, crazy Aussies that they are, are still out there at the Point. Leave some rock on the wall for the rest of us guys!

Happy Friday and climb safe this weekend.

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