Nina Williams Climbs Window Shopper (V12), Flagstaff, CO

“After four days of living the #puntlyfe, I finally put this thing down,” Williams writes of her effort on this climb.

By Nina Williams | February 7th, 2018

“Window Shopper (V12) was first put up by Will Lemaire in 2006 and has only since been repeated twice (as far as I’m aware) by Peter Bealand Hunter Damiani,” writes Nina Williams on Facebook. “This line attracted me because it suited my style: small holds and short, powerful moves. I figured out the beta in my first session and expected a quick send, perhaps even a downgrade… But then it ended up taking a bit of blood and three more sessions of absolute punting to finally put down.”

“Folks sometimes describe a feeling of serene calm when they finally send. A perfect sequence of movements within a zen state of mind. When I sent Window Shopper I felt none of that. I very nearly fell off the top once again. Persistence, persistence, persistence and a bit of luck got me through this one. I’m psyched to share the experience with you.”


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