• Black Diamond Torque Glove

    Black Diamond Torque Glove | $54.95 | bdel.com ★★★★★ Building the perfect climbing glove is as tall an order as building the perfect woman (or man). The glove has to have a deft touch, great … Continue reading "Black Diamond Torque Glove"
  • Marmot Amphibian Gloves

      www.marmot.com | $70 | ★★★★★ Anyone who’s suffered through the “screaming barfies” knows how hard it is to find a good mixed-climbing glove. The Marmot Amphibian—designed by all-around climber Pete Takeda—may not prevent the … Continue reading "Marmot Amphibian Gloves"
  • Outdoor Research Stormcell Gloves

        Outdoor Research StormCell | $119 | outdoorresearch.com ★     The StormCell is a midweight, wrist-cut ice and mixed-climbing glove. It has a GoreTex insert and synthetic leather reinforcing on the palm. I … Continue reading "Outdoor Research Stormcell Gloves"
  • PMI Fingerless Gloves

    www.pmirope.com Price: $32 4 stars LOOK AROUND THE nation’s top sport-climbing areas, and you’ll see all the hotshots feeding slack and catching falls while outfitted in various makes of fingerless gloves. Until recently, I dismissed … Continue reading "PMI Fingerless Gloves"