• How to Choose Ice Climbing, Mixed and Mountaineering Boots

     MATERIALS PLASTIC UPPER Plastic boots have a hard plastic outer shell, and a durable and removable synthetic inner boot. This double-boot model is great for all alpine climbs, expeditions and multi-day situations because the inner … Continue reading "How to Choose Ice Climbing, Mixed and Mountaineering Boots"
  • How to Fine Tune Rock Shoes

    Rock Shoe Tips By Larry “Toolman” Arthur Each rock-shoe manufacturer’s choice of rubber is akin to a Formula One’s team of engineers matching suspension and tire choice to a specific track. The nuances of rubber … Continue reading "How to Fine Tune Rock Shoes"
  • How To Minimize Your Rappel Impact

      SAVE THE TREES When climbers wrap ropes around a tree, the wear will saw into the bark, harming the tree. If you have to rap off a tree, first make sure it’s bomber, then … Continue reading "How To Minimize Your Rappel Impact"
  • How to Build a Starter Climbing Rack

    You are just getting into climbing and on a limited budget. Cams are many and all are expensive. What should you buy first? Get cams that fit the most common-size placements. These are units in … Continue reading "How to Build a Starter Climbing Rack"
  • How to Fit, Care for and Resole Rock Shoes

    By Larry “Toolman” Arthur Climbing shoes have the distinction of being the only piece of gear that will actually help you climb better. For any serious climber, choosing shoes will be the most important decision … Continue reading "How to Fit, Care for and Resole Rock Shoes"
  • When to Retire Climbing Gear

    By Larry “Tool Guy” Arthur Most climbing equipment is packaged with manufacturer’s recommendation for usage, maintenance and longevity, in accordance with directives from CE and UIAA (industry standards association). In addition to presenting a formidable … Continue reading "When to Retire Climbing Gear"
  • How to Choose Crampons

    FLEXIBLE Flexible, or “hinged,” crampons are best for climbing snow and walking on glaciers. They are designed to flex with the boot, making walking more natural. If you plan on more hiking than technical climbing, … Continue reading "How to Choose Crampons"
  • Hot Versus Cold Forging of Climbing Gear

    Hot and cold forging are different means to a similar end. A manufacturer will choose one process over the other usually for economic reasons, or because one process more efficiently renders the product. Forging is … Continue reading "Hot Versus Cold Forging of Climbing Gear"
  • How to Fit a Harness

    Most important of all in buying a harness is to find one that fits you well, and is comfortable. Try on a harness wearing the clothes you would use, not in shorts in the summer … Continue reading "How to Fit a Harness"
  • How to Resling Cams

    Take a moment and check out all the nylon webbing and cordage on your rack. This includes slings on cams and chocks, quickdraws, runners, daisy chains and cordelette. Manufacturers recommend replacing the slings on cams … Continue reading "How to Resling Cams"
  • How to Choose a Harness

    HARNESS DESIGN • A sport harness is usually lighter by about four to six ounces, and more streamlined, than a trad harness, which may have four or more gear loops and heavier, thicker padding. Gear … Continue reading "How to Choose a Harness"
  • How to Sharpen an Ice Tool

    Q: How do I sharpen my ice tools?   A: Get a mill bastard file or a small bench grinder. Most folks will tell you not to use a bench grinder, saying that it can … Continue reading "How to Sharpen an Ice Tool"