CWA Partnership Benefits

As _DSC4118an industry partner and CWA member gym, you and your employees are invited to subscribe to Rock & Ice at our absolute lowest rate—$5.95/year.

To do so, please email our Circulation Manager, Casey Weaver, directly at

In light of our partnership with the CWA, we’ve also decided to extend a $9.95/year offer to the customers of CWA member gyms. This offer is intended to serve the dual purpose of providing a simple and easy way for you as a member gym to provide your customers with added-value, and to promote safety, informed decision making, and community at the grassroots level.

Your customers can take advantage of this offer by subscribing via the following link: Please feel free to provide them with the link directly using whatever communication channel is most appropriate given your current operations.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Casey at or by phone at (970) 704-1442 x117.

Thanks and enjoy!

The Rock & Ice Staff