Fatal Unroped Fall On Easy Terrain - Bear Creek...

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Simul-Rappel Goes Tragically Wrong - Reed’s P...

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Dropped Haulbag Strikes Climber in Yosemite

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Rappel Knot Fails, Climber Falls to Death on th...

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Climber Loses Finger Tips in Crack

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Climber Grabs Draw, Skins Finger

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Gear Pulls, Climber Decks at Indian Creek

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Climber Dropped at Instructional Clinic

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Euro-Death Knot (Flat Figure-8) Mysteriously Fails

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Mark Davis Dies in Tragic Rappelling Accident a...

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Climber Dies In Fall From Moonlight Buttress, Zion

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Ice Climber Falls 100 Feet in Banff National Park

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