Scarpa Feroce

The Feroce is one of the best sport-climbing shoes I've ever worn.

By Rock and Ice | October 20th, 2009

5 stars

The Feroce is one of the best sport-climbing shoes I’ve ever worn. It is an all-around workhorse that excels on steep routes requiring toe power, and technical slabs where spot-on precision is a must. When you first put the Feroce on, you’ll notice a little “hump” that sits comfortably, if differently, beneath the crease of your big toe. The result is that the shoe points your toe down for you, creating an angle that results in high-performance edging.

Many shoes, however, point the big toe down. The Feroce differs in how the whole toe box flexes on smears. In fact, to use the Feroce I had to change the way I stand on footholds—I was able to use parts of my foot that I never knew existed: the whole section between my forefoot and the tip of my toes.

Check out the heel and you’ll find a seemingly gratuitous, raised-rubber rail for hooking—this feature never added much, as far as I could tell, but it also never detracted.

The Feroce is stiff(ish) and supportive, keeping my feet from getting too pumped on technical slabs and stemming corners. I’d recommend the Feroce for thin cracks, steep sport routes, technical trad slabs and bouldering.

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