Ryuichi Murai Destroys Magic Wood’s Hardest Boulders

Put Ryuichi Murai in the boulders of Magic Wood, Switzerland, for 10 days and he practically sends everything…

By Rock and Ice | July 31st, 2017

Put Ryuichi Murai in the boulders of Magic Wood, Switzerland for 10 days and what does he do? He practically sends everything… Despite the rain and short trip, Murai amassed a ticklist of hard problems that would make anyone proud to have over a lifetime.

Ryuichi Murai’s 10-day Magic Wood Ticklist:

In Search of Time Lost (8C/V15)

Practice of the Wild (8C/V15)

Remembrance of Things Past (8B+/V14)

Never Ending Story (8B+/V14)

Ill Thrill (8B+/V14)

Riverbed (8B/V13)

One Summer in Paradise (8B/V13)

Steppenwolf (8B/V13)

High Spirit (8A+/B V12/13)

The Bizarre Ride (8A+/12)

Massive Attack (8A+/V12)

Sofasurfer (8A/A+ V11/12)

Nothing Changes (8A/V11)

Voigas (8A/V11)

Muttertag (8A/V11)

Foxy Dyno (8A/V11)

Piranha (7C+/V10)

Hohenzone (7C/V9)

Video by Mikkel Lima, with drone footage from Camilla Hylleberg.


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