VIDEO: Jonathan Siegrist Sends Power Inverter (5.15a)

Jonathan Siegrist sends Power Inverter (5.15a) in Oliana, Spain. Siegrist explains the power of respect in climbing - respect for the people we meet, places we climb, and cultures we experience.

By Rock and Ice | February 4th, 2016

Jonathan Siegrist talks about respect—an enormous part of what climbing means to him: “Respect for the places we go, the people we meet, and the cultures we interact with.”

In the video, Siegrist sends Power Inverter (5.15a) in Oliana, Spain, during a trip in January. And for him, “learning Power Inverter began with respect.”

The trip was enormously successful for Siegrist. Despite his doubts before the trip, he tops out Papichulo (5.15a), Duele La Realidad (5.14d), Joe-Cita (5.14d), American Hustle (5.14b), Mind Control (5.14b), Blanquita (5.14c) on his second try, onsights Gorillas en la Niebla (5.14a) and flashes Fish Eye (5.14b)—the hardest flash of his life.

READ: Siegrist Sends Power Inverter (5.15a), Flashes Fish Eye (5.14b) in Spain

Even with the climbing success, the most important part of the trip for Siegrist was experiencing the local culture, meeting the people of the area, practicing Spanish, and spending time with the people he cares about most.

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