Top 10 Climbing Videos of 2016

There seems to be a trend here… free soloing and animals (i.e. snakes, Adam Ondra). Enjoy!

By Rock and Ice | December 26th, 2016

The most popular climbing videos of the year, by number of views on (not counting Weekend Whippers…stay tuned):


10. Adam Ondra – Born For Climbing

Adam Ondra left the competition scene to focus on outdoor projects, but he attributes his years of hard training to the short time in which he was able to redpoint C.R.S. (9b 5.15b), France’s hardest sport climb. In this video, he talks about his philosophy and mindset of climbing, training and his progression in the sport.

Video by Bernardo Gimenez, narrated by Adam Ondra.


9. How to be a Rock Climber

Want to learn how to become a Rock Climber? Look no further. This how-to tutorial that will have you buying your first harness and kombucha growler before you can say “Yosemite Decimal System.”


8. Steph Davis Free Solos Jah Man, BASE Jumps From Summit

Climb to fly! Steph Davis free solos Jah Man (5.10, 5 pitches) on Sister Superior, Castle Valley, Utah and BASE jumps from the top of the tower.

“This was probably the first (& second & third) free solo base climb of this tower,” Davis writes in the video description, “but who really knows—the lizards, spiders and canyon wrens are a lot more amazing than we are.”

Video by 3 Strings Productions.


7. POINT BREAK: Climbing Angel Falls – Behind the Scenes

Who needs CGI when you have Chris Sharma and Dani Andrada as stuntmen? Watch these guys climb alongside 3,200-foot Angel Falls in Venezuela—the tallest waterfall in the world—in this exclusive rock climbing behind-the-scenes from the new Point Break. All climbing stunts in the film were done in real life—no CGI, no green-screen. Read more here.


6. Adam Ondra On Climbing Change – World’s First 5.15c

On October 4, 2012, Adam Ondra established the world’s first 5.15c sport climb, Change, in Flatanger, Norway. His historic first ascent was documented by filmmaker Petr Pavlicek. This video is just teaser of the full two hour long film, which can be purchased on


5. Daniel Woods on the Elusive V17 Bouldering Grade

Daniel Woods talks about the 2016 Sisu Masters bouldering competition in Helsinki, Finland, Nalle Hukkataival’s Lappnor project and the possibility of the first 9A/V17 boulder problem.

[UPDATE] Nalle Hukkataival has climbed the Lappnor project!!!
He named the boulder problem Burden of Dreams and suggested V17 (9A) for the grade—which would make it the first V17 in the world.


4. Alex Honnold Free Solos The Complete Scream (E8 6b)

The full, unedited footage of Alex Honnold free soloing the 200-foot The Complete Scream (E8 6b) at Fair Head, Northern Ireland.

According to UKC’s developer Martin McKenna, Honnold rapped down to check for loose rock and to scope out the holds before committing to the solo. He said it was”Probably the most impressive performance I reckon I’ll ever witness!”


3. Training With Adam Ondra – Part 1

Adam Ondra is an animal, but as they say, climbers are made, not born. In this EpicTV video series, Ondra shows us his carefully planned training regime—his masochistic dedication to pushing the world of climbing as far as possible.


2. Alex Honnold Solos Lover’s Leap in Dan Osman Tribute

Dan Osman’s free solo of Bear’s Reach (5.7) in Masters of Stone IV is easily one of the most iconic climbing clips of the 1990s. Osman races up the 400-foot granite climb at California’s Lover’s Leap in a mere 4 minutes and 25 seconds. The short video inspired countless climbers. One of those climbers was none other than Alex Honnold. In this new short film, Honnold pays tribute to Osman (who died in a tragic rope-jumping accident in 1998) by recreating the ascent—long hair and all—and claiming a new speed record in the process.


1. Massive Snake Slithers Down Climber’s Anchor and Leg on Multipitch

How’s this for a first day of climbing? A massive black snake (western rat snake) slithers down David Hylton’s anchor and leg at the top of the second pitch of Skyline Traverse at Seneca Rocks, West Virginia.

“I’m slightly more scared of snakes than I am of heights,” Hylton says.

Adult black snakes commonly reach six feet in length and the species holds the official record for the longest snake in North America, at eight feet five inches. But fortunately, they’re nonvenomous.

“Had that been an Eastern Diamond Back Rattlesnake,” says Hylton, “I’m sure I would have unroped and gone on a free solo escape.”

Despite an unusual first-time rock climbing experience, Hylton says that it hooked him and has been climbing ever since.

Video submitted by David Hylton.


Watch Top 10 Climbing Videos of 2015

Honorable Mentions


Chris Sharma Sends Catalán Witness the Fitness V15

Chris Sharma claims the first ascent of Catalán Witness the Fitness (V15), a monster roof climb at Cova del Ocell, near Barcelona, Spain on December 4, 2015.

“I’ve been trying this line on and off for quite some time,” Sharma wrote on Instagram, “so it felt good to see it through finally. It’s been [a] great process getting back into the bouldering groove!”


AAC Universal Belay Standard – Part 1

The American Alpine Club’s Universal Belay Program is designed to help every belayer find a common language and recognizable belay standard to ensure you get a safe catch. For more information, visit: Also watch AAC Universal Belay Standard, Part 2 – Lead Belaying.


Ashima Shiraishi vs. Alex Puccio – Tristate Bouldering Series Final

Watch Ashima Shiraishi, 14, and Alex Puccio, 26, go head-to-head in the Tristate Bouldering Series Final at The Cliffs, Long Island City, New York, on March 12, 2016. Ashima took first place with 378.57 points and Puccio, not far behind, claimed second with 356.04 points. Click here to check out the full resultsVideo by Oliver Medcalf.

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