Stefano Ghisolfi Bags Third Ascent of Jungle Boogie (5.15a)

Italian climber Stefano Ghisolfi makes the third ascent of Adam Ondra’s Jungle Boogie (5.15a) in Céüse, France.

By Rock and Ice | October 4th, 2016

Stefano Ghisolfi bagged the third ascent of Adam Ondra’s Jungle Boogie (5.15a) in Céüse, France yesterday, October 3. The 23-year-old Italian climber redpointed the short, but sustained route in 10 days of effort and described it as one of his hardest climbs.

“The right description of Jungle Boogie is: fucking hard route,” Ghisolfi wrote on Instagram. “That’s why I’m really happy to have sticked the last crux on Sunday, but I’m sorry not to come back to this beautiful place until next year!”


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Jungle Boogie, established by Ondra in 2012 and repeated by Sachi Amma in 2015, is located at the Biographie Sector of Céüse near Chris Sharma’s benchmark 5.15a and the namesake of the wall, Biographie/Realization. Though the two climbs have the same grade, Biographie has seen significantly more traffic than Jungle Boogie over the years. Biographie has 14 known ascents to Jungle Boogie’s three.

Ghisolfi described Jungle Boogie as “much harder than Biographie, but totally different style,” on his scorecard. He redpointed Biographie on June 21, 2015 after six days of work.

Jungle Boogie adds yet another 5.15 to the young Italian climber’s resume—his sixth, along with Ondra’s Goldrake (5.15a) in Cornalba, Italy (in four days); Biographie; La Moustache qui Fache (5.15a) in Entraygues, France; Demencia Senil (5.15a) in Margalef, Spain; and his first ascent of Lapsus (9b/5.15b) in Andonno, Italy. Lapsus, if the grade is confirmed, would be Italy’s first 5.15b and the hardest sport climb in the country.

In reference to Jungle Boogie, Ghisolfi wrote on Instagram: “This is one of my hardest route so far, the hardest 9a+ [5.15a] I ever tried and climbed. I’m proud to have done the third ascent after Adam Ondra and Sachi Amma. I’m really happy to be on this list with two of the strongest climbers in the world!”


Watch Sachi Amma work Jungle Boogie (5.15a):


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