Southern Rampage – Jimmy Webb Establishes Four V14s

Engine Bloc, Ingenuity, Kings of Contortion, Southern Drawl – rampage is the only way to describe it. Within two months, Jimmy Webb put up four new V14s across the southeast.

By Rock and Ice | December 2nd, 2015

Engine Bloc, Ingenuity, Southern Drawl, Kings of Contortion rampage is the only way to describe it. Within two months, Jimmy Webb put up four new V14s across the southeast.

Webb began with Engine Bloc in Boone, North Carolina on October 20. “Long time coming for this one!” he wrote on his scorecard. “One of the craziest low percentage moves I’ve ever done. Huge throw to a terrible sloper that has to be stuck perfectly.” Webb admitted that he had “no clue” on how to grade this one, but seems to have settled on V14.

Next came Ingenuity (V14) in Tennessee, Webb’s home state, on November 12. “No real clue how hard this one is,” Webb reports, again. “Got a freak double clutch on it that seems completely impossible. T$ with vision on this one!”

Check out Webb’s crazy dyno/hand-flip move, captured by Uncharted Lines:

Video of a video #woah #bouldering @jwebxl #unchartedlines

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Southern Drawl was the third V14 to go down. Webb found this roof project last winter and after five days of effort, almost had it in the bag but fell off the last move.

“Yes!!! It feels so good to lay an old project to rest,” Webb writes on Instagram. “This one is all about power and each move is as difficult as the last making the entire link the crux.

“Two days ago I arrived back at the roof with more motivation than ever, feeling stronger than ever, and took it down. This is most definitely one of the sickest lines I’ve done and now a contender for the hardest established boulder in the Southeast.” Webb sent Southern Drawl, outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee on November 19.

Riding his momentum, Webb established a fourth V14 with Kings of Contortion, outside of Chattanooga, on November 22.

“Another day and another classic hardline for the southeast!” Webb posted on Instagram. “Has to be one of the funkiest roof lines I’ve done. So psyched to add another stunner FA to my homeland.”

Paul Robinson also sent Kings of Contortion shortly after Webb, claiming its second ascent.

“Not a bad day in the woods!” Webb writes.

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