Shiraishi, Garnbret Win Again at Arco Youth World Championships

Competitors in IFSC Lead Youth and Junior World Championships ride the streak after last week's Bouldering World Championship.

By Rock and Ice | September 8th, 2015

Janja Garnbret aims to stick the foothold. Photo: IFSC / Eddie Fowke.

Arco, Italy After a dominant performance in last week’s IFSC Bouldering Youth and Junior World Championships, Ashima Shiraishi (USA) won her second gold in the IFSC Lead World Youth Championship’s Female Youth B category. Not only was Shiraishi the only competitor in her age category to top out all four finals routes, Shiraishi was the sole Female Youth B climber to touch the top hold on even a single finals route. 

“It felt so good to see the hours at the climbing gym pay off at this competition,” Shiraishi posted on Facebook, “it was an honor to climb at such an impressive event.”

Slovenia’s Janja Garnbret, competing in the Female Youth A category, bagged her second championship gold of the season. Like Shiraishi, Garnbret won last week’s Bouldering Championship in the Female Youth A category. She was also the only competitor in her heat to top out all four lead routes. USA’s Margo Hayes managed another repeat finish, taking second place in the lead competition after her silver medal in the Bouldering Championship.

Belgium’s Anak Verhoeven took gold in the Female Junior category, followed by Austria’s Jessica Pilz, who fell one move below Verhoeven. Both made the podium in the last Lead Worldcup in Stavanger, Norway.

Bernhard Röck, of Austria, and Jesse Grupper, of the United States, went neck and neck in the Male Junior category. Both competitors topped out their final route, but Röck secured the gold with a slightly higher score on the semi-finals route.

Switzerland’s Sascha Lehmann won the Male Youth A category, and France’s Sam Avezou took first place in Male Youth B.

The championship in Arco, Italy concludes this year’s youth competitions, but several qualifying juniors have yet to complete the Worldcup season. Stay tuned for the next Lead Worldcup on September 26-27 in Puurs, Belgium.

2015 IFSC Lead Youth and Junior World Championships

Female Youth B (age 14-15):

1. Ashima Shiraishi (USA)

2. Mia Krampl (SLO)

3. Laura Rogora (ITA)

Female Youth A (age 16-17):

1. Janja Garnbret (SLO)

2. Margo Hayes (USA)

3. Aika Tajima (JPN)

Female Junior (age 18-19):

1. Anak Verhoeven (BEL)

2. Jessica Pilz (AUT)

3. Julia Chanourdie (FRA)

Male Youth B (age 14-15):

1. Sam Avezou (FRA)

2. Harold Peeters (BEL)

3. Pietro Biagini (ITA)

Male Youth A (age 16-17):

1. Sascha Lehmann (SUI)

2. Stefano Carnati (ITA)

3. Hugo Parmentier (FRA)

Male Junior (age 18-19):

1. Bernhard Röck (AUT)

2. Jesse Grupper (USA)

3. Keiichiro Korenaga (JPN)

Full competition results available on IFSC’s website.

Click here to read about the IFSC Youth and Junior Bouldering World Championships


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