Magnus Midtbø Finally Sends Thor’s Hammer (~5.15a)

Five years after he initially bolted Thor’s Hammer in Flatanger, Norway, ​Magnus Midtbø has finally sent the route, which has become one of the most popular 5.15s in the world.

By Michael Levy | October 13th, 2016

Magnus Midtbø has finally redpointed Thor’s Hammer, his 180-foot monster line in Hanshelleren Cave in Flatanger, Norway. Midtbø bolted the climb, although Adam Ondra made the first ascent in July 2012. In the intervening years a seeming who’s who of top climbers made subsequent ascents of the route. The various ascensionists have suggested 9a (5.14d) and 9a+ (5.15a) for the grade.

Alex Megos claimed the second ascent of the climb in August 2015, and only a few days afterwards Jakob Schubert snagged the third. In quick succession during autumn of 2015, the American climbers Daniel Woods, Ethan Pringle and Dave Graham kept the send train in motion. All of the above climbers agreed with the initial 5.15a grading. Thor’s Hammer, named after the Norse god, was then repeated by Domen Skofic and Sachi Amma.

Seb Bouin, who made the route’s most recent ascent, suggested a downgrade to 9a (5.14d). After completing the climb, Bouin told Rock and Ice, “I’m a little bit disappointed because Adam Ondra gave me new beta [for] the hard part, and it’s a lot easier than before. But it’s the game, you have to find the easier way to pass.” Of the grade, Bouin said, “I’m not sure it’s 9a+ [5.15a], that’s why I propose 9a [5.14d]. I spoke with Adam Ondra and he thinks the same.”

On October 11, Midtbø came as close as he ever had to putting the route to rest, falling right at the very end. The next day, he sent, after his five-year-long battle with the climb. “Yessa!! […] It was just as much of a battle today, just that this time I won. Such a relief!” he shared on Instagram.

A native Norwegian, the 28-year-old Midtbø is no stranger to the 5.15 grade. He previously climbed Dani Andrada’s Ali Hulk (sit start extension) (5.15b/9b) in Rodellar, Spain. He is also one of only a handful of climbers, Megos and Ondra among them, to have onsighted 5.14c (8c+) or harder.


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