Kai Lightner and Brooke Raboutou Win 2017 Dominion Riverrock

Kai Lightner takes men’s bouldering title; Brooke Raboutou claims women’s bouldering title for second consecutive year; and Solomon Barth and Kyra Condie win Speed Comp titles at this year's Dominion Riverrock Festival.

By Rock and Ice | May 23rd, 2017

Two climbers campus head-to-head on the custom-built, 20-foot high and 30-foot deep bouldering cage made of metal, wood and fiberglass. Photo: Jesse Peters / Sports Backers.The ninth-annual Dominion Riverrock, a three-day festival celebrating outdoor sports and river life, concluded Sunday evening after drawing an estimated attendance of 100,000 during the weekend. Taking place each year on Brown’s Island and Historic Tredegar in Richmond, Virginia, Dominion Riverrock is the largest outdoor sports and music festival in the United States.

Throughout the weekend, some of the country’s top climbers competed in the Dominion Riverrock bouldering competition. Competing in front of packed crowds, Kai Lightner and Brooke Raboutou took first place on the men’s and women’s sides in the Boulder Bash, with 16-year-old Raboutou successfully defending the crown she won at Dominion Riverrock in 2016.

The Boulder Bash began with 26 male and 18 female climbers competing on two routes in the qualifying round on Friday evening. They had five minutes to climb each route with a five-minute resting period between. The second qualifying round took place on Saturday at noon. From there, the top 15 men and women went on to the semifinal round, which took place on Saturday evening. The finals consisted of the top 10 men and 10 women climbing one route each. Competitors had five minutes to complete each route.


Boulder Bash results:

Men (Top 5):                                 Women (Top 5):

1) Kai Lightner ($1,500 prize)            1) Brooke Raboutou ($1,500 prize)

2) Nathaniel Coleman  ($1,200)        2) Kyra Condie ($1,200)

3) Solomon Barth ($900)                   3) Arabella Jariel ($900)

4) Taylor McNeill ($600)                     4) Claire Bresnan ($600)

5) Andy lamb ($300)                          5) Kerry Scott ($300)

The hanging Boulder Bash men’s podium. Photo: Peak Experiences Indoor Rock Climbing Center.


The Speed Comp took place on Sunday, with qualifying rounds on Sunday afternoon and the final on Sunday evening.

Raboutou, Kyra Condie, Solomon Barth, and Nathaniel Coleman each took home a $250 bonus for being the top overall finishers that competed in both the Boulder Bash and the Speed Comp.


Speed Comp results:

Men (Top 3):                                   Women (Top 3):

1) Solomon Barth ($500 prize)             1) Kyra Condie ($500 prize)

2) Nathaniel Coleman ($250)               2) Brooke Raboutou ($250)

3) Riley Varner ($100)                          3) Arabella Jariel ($100)


For more information about Dominion Riverrock or for full results from each of the events, please visit www.dominionriverrock.com. The event will return to Brown’s Island and Historic Tredegar on May 18-20, 2018.

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