Jongwon Chon Continues Sending Streak with Second New V15

After establishing South Korea’s first V15 last month, Jongwon Chon does it again with the first ascent of Hymn, his country’s second V15.

By Michael Levy | December 12th, 2016

Jongwon Chon on his way to victory at the 2016 IFSC Bouldering World Cup in Innsbruck, Austria. Photo: Eddie Fowke / IFSC. South Korean climber Jongwon Chon is on a tear. Fresh off his perfect, winning performance at the La Sportiva Legends Only boulding competition, this weekend he established another new V15 in his home country.

The problem, called Hymn, is located in Mudeungsan National Park, and is the second climb of the grade to be opened in South Korea, after Eternal Sunshine, South Korea’s first V15, which Chon established on November 11. Hymn climbs a technical, overhanging arete and face, and finishes with a dynamic feet-cutting move to the boulder’s lip. Eternal Sunshine, also located in Mudeungsan National Park, is not for the faint of heart—it is a 10-meter tall highball.

Eternal Sunshine and Hymn were Chon’s second and third V15 ascents. His first boulder of the grade was Tokio Muroi’s testpiece Asagimadara (V15) on Mt. Mizugaki, Japan. On March 16, 2016, Chon, Adam Ondra and Sachi Amma made Asagimadara’s fourth, fifth and sixth ascents, respectively, back-to-back-to-back.

In addition to his recent exploits, Chon won the overall IFSC Bouldering World Cup title for 2016.



Jongwon Chon wasn’t the only South Korean to have a good weekend, though—Jain Kim, the 2014 IFSC Climbing World Champion in lead and one of the strongest competitors on the 2016 IFSC World Cup circuit, finished her whirlwind trip to Yangshuo, China. She sent Spicy Noodle (8c+/5.14c), a Chris Sharma line and China’s first 5.14c, on her second attempt. Spicy Noodle has been climbed by Liu Yong Bang (better known as “Abond”), Ethan Pringle and Wei Guang Guang (better known as “Da Wei”), among others.

In addition to Spicy Noodle, Kim made quick work of several other routes in Yangshuo: She flashed China Climb (8c/5.14b) and redpointed French Gangster (8b+/5.14a) on her her third burn.


By finishing ‘French Gangster (5.14a/8b+) and on sight ‘Gin tonic(8a)’ yesterday, I had to say good bye to the trip of Yangshuo . Also 8th December I was crazily happy that I could make ‘Spicy noodle (5.14c/ 8c+)’, which is my highest grade, by just two attempts! ? Herewith I think that it was really successful trip, as I could finish three 5.14 routes ‘Climb china(8c)’ flashing, ‘Spicy noodle(8c+) 2nd go, and ‘French gangster(8b+) 3rd go during just one week!? I can’t believe this!? it was huge present for me after the worldcup season. ? thank you Yanshuo, and thank you for all! 어제 French gangster (5.14a/8b+) 완등과 Gin tonic(8a) 온사이트 등반을 마지막으로 양쇼우에서의 바위일정을 마무리 지었습니다. 그리고 지난 목요일 저의 최고 그레이드인 ‘spicy noodle (5.14c/8c+)’ 을 두번의 시도횟수만에 완등해냈습니다! ?? 약 일주일동안 총 세개의 14급 루트들을 각각 ‘Chinaclimb (5.14b/8c) 한번 , Spicy noodle (5.14c/8c+) 두번, French gangster (5.14a/8b+) 세번의 시도횟수만에 끝냈다는것이 올한해 경기시즌에대한 조금의 아쉬움을 달래주기에 충분했던 큰선물이된것 같습니다. 성공적이었던 이번 여행을 함께해주신 한국의 많은 선배님들, 빌레이 봐주셨던 장희선배님, 재영언니 그리고 호랑이 @horang91 있는 기간동안 많이 챙겨주시고 응원해주시고 축하해주셔서 정말 감사했습니다. 남은 일정 안전하게 즐거운 등반하고 돌아오세요! ? #thejas @spyder_korea @spyderactive #limiteless @redbullkr @redbull #givesyouwings @jasclimbing #discoveryclimbinghold

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