European Climbing Trips With Rockbusters: Learn With the Pros

[SPONSORED CONTENT] This summer, climb in Europe’s most iconic venues with Rockbusters and push your climbing to the next level with expert coaching from some of Europe's top climbers.

By Rockbusters | May 30th, 2017

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Rockbusters is a community of guides, professionals, and coaches who offer any climber a chance to enhance their skills while being fully immersed in the sports culture at the best crags in the world.

Klemen Bečan, who recently sent La Rambla (9a+/5.15a), is working with Rockbusters to offer three week-long performance coaching camps in Rodellar, Spain. Using personalized coaching, one-on-one sessions, and video analysis, Bečan will help take your climbing to the next level. And for a limited time only click here for a 25% discount for Rock and Ice readers!

Céüse, France. Photo: Rockbusters.In climbing, experience is everything. Exposure to different climbing styles, rock types, techniques and other climbers is the single best way to expand your rock climbing toolbox. Climbing vacations are a perfect way to broaden your climbing horizons, and if you’re thinking of heading abroad, Europe has more than enough to keep you busy.

Rockbusters is a European-based company run by climbers that specializes in climbing trips, guiding and expert coaching. The all-inclusive trips aim to immerse you in climbing culture to help you “build confidence, improve technique and have the best climbing holiday experience possible.”

Whether you are looking to improve your style on the bouldery and explosive routes offered by the power endurance test-pieces of the Frankenjura in Germany, the huge overhanging, tufa-filled, knee-barring, stamina caves of Rodellar, Spain, committing multipitch alpine trad routes in the Alps, or a sun-filled deep water solo adventure Mallorca, Europe offers pockets of extremely high-density world-class climbing populated by local and foreign crushers alike.

Get top coaching from the pros. A Rockbusters client climbing <em>Dough</em> (6c/5.11b) in The Gorges du Tarn, France, during one of the 2017 Europe Climbing Roadtrips. Photo: Rockbusters.” title=”Get top coaching from the pros. A Rockbusters client climbing <em>Dough</em> (6c/5.11b) in The Gorges du Tarn, France, during one of the 2017 Europe Climbing Roadtrips. Photo: Rockbusters.” style=”float: left; margin: 0px 10px 10px 0px;”> “There’s lots of cool climbing in a small place, and most of it easily accessible and well protected,”
    says Klemen Bečan, a professional climber and a member of the Rockbuster’s coaching crew, “That’s why so many climbers come here to share the good
    moments.” </p>
<p>The Rockbusters expert coaching team includes professional Euro climbers like Adam Ondra, Hazel Findlay, Dalia Ojeda and Patxi Usobiaga, along with highly
    experienced climbing guides and instructors who have decades of combined experience on some of Europe’s best crags. Learn to onsight with Ondra, undertake
    performance coaching with Bečan, or sharpen your mental game with Findlay, all on the best rock that Europe has to offer.</p>
<p>And with the rich European climbing history, any crag or mountain is so much more than the routes that have been developed there. Of course, the nature
    of the rock, the exposure and the style of the climbing make each crag unique, but amongst all that you’re climbing amidst a history and a culture
    that produces an atmosphere quite inimitable to each place.</p>
<p>The world-class destination of Cëuse, France, as an example, exposes you to long, stamina-orientated, pocket-filled routes on beautiful and demanding limestone,
    but also a tradition of tough grading and thrifty old-school bolting that adds a whole new, slightly airy, dimension to the climbing. You’re also immersing
    yourself in French culture, wine, cheese and Orangina, in a campsite melting pot of international climbers.</p>
<p>Another example is the Czech sandstone towers of Lanské Údeli, in the Elbe Valley, which are home to some of the deepest-rooted climbing traditions in
    Europe, including staunch ethics limiting the use of chalk and conventional pro (see the article “Dresden” by Steve Roper in <em>Ascent</em> 2017),
    all less than two hours from the medieval European city of Prague. And then there’s Chamonix, in the French Alps, which has a diverse climbing and
    mountaineering history dating back centuries. It also has great espresso and the locals have an accent to die for. </p>
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Rockbusters operate year-round, covering everything from sport climbing and bouldering to multipitch and trad styles at world-famous crags in Spain, France, Germany and the Czech Republic, and offer skill-specific coaching for climbing anything from 5.9 to 5.14.


For more information on Rockbusters trips, coaching camps and guiding, and for exclusive Rock and Ice discounts, visit the Rockbusters website.


phone: +34 678 243 573


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