Christof Rauch Puts Up Three V15s In Two Weeks

Austrian climber Christof Rauch, 23, reports three new 8C/V15’s in less than two weeks—Iron Knuckles, Styrian Delirium and Carinthian Dreams.

By Rock and Ice | May 26th, 2017

Austrian climber Christof Rauch, 23, has reported that he has established three new 8C/V15 boulder problems in less than two weeks—Iron Knuckles, Styrian Delirium and Carinthian Dreams—in Kärnten and Weststeiermark, Austria.

“Oh my god! Seems like I’m in the best shape ever!” Rauch wrote on his scorecard with the news. “Just happy now!”

Rauch sent Iron Knuckles (8C/V15) in Kärnten on May 14, after 14 sessions, he reports. “Surely one of the biggest fights I’ve ever had, and definitely the hardest problem I have ever climbed,” he wrote on his scorecard. “I’ve never put so much effort in a single boulder problem.”

The line links an 8A+ (V12) crack section into Hard Knock Life (8B/V13) for a total of 20 “hard moves” before finishing on a 6C+ (V5/6) topout. Rauch reports that it’s “definitely harder than all the 8B+ [V14] I’ve done,” but it’s “soft” for 8C/V15. He also reports that there’s a harder exit that remains undone.

Next up was the 34-move monster Styrian Delirium (8C/V15) in Weststeiermark, which Rauch sent on May 21 after 15 sessions. The new line links 15 moves of The Unnamed Ungraded (8B/V13) into 19 moves of Sound in Motion (8B/V13). “With little rest in between this thing climbs more like a route than a boulder,” Rauch wrote on his scorecard. Once again, he reported: “Definitely feels harder than all the other really long boulders I’ve done.”


F**k yessss!! Feels like we have some low gravity days. Yesterday I was able to climb my ultimate caveproject in the western part of Styria. I named it "Styrian Delirium" and I would say it sits in the 8C range. The rest of the weekend was pretty successful as well. Took the day off from work on Thursday, where I managed to do the first ascent of this awesome line called "Traumata" (8A+) ? in Carinthia. The next day I made another really cool first ascent in the same area, calling it "Tomorrow is another day" (8A+). I also made some good links on the ultimate project. A few more days like this please! ? by @simonbr92 . . @scarpaspa @moonclimbing #Austria #Österreich #Carinthia #Kärnten #Steiermark #cave #kingline #rock #project #firstascent #weekend #klettern #climbing #nature #mountains #Maltatal #boulder #scarpaspa #scarpaclimb #scarpa #moonclimbing #iloooveit #doyouboulder #climbing_lovers #escalade #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #climbing_worldwide #climbing_is_my_passion #climbinginspiration #extremebouldering

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Rauch finished his trifecta with Carinthian Dreams (8C/V15) back in Kärnten on May 25, after 17 sessions. He called the boulder problem, which links a crack into Punching in a Dream (8B+/V14), “Hard 8C”. And yet again, Rauch reported, “This is the hardest and one of the best problems I’ve ever done. I’ve never put so much effort in a boulder problem.”

The young Austrian climber now has three 8C boulder problems to his name, all of which have been his own first ascents. None of the climbs have been repeated yet and the grades remain unconfirmed.


Watch Chris Rauch on the FA of Guardian of the Galaxy (8B+/V14):

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