Alex Puccio, Jakob Schubert Win 2016 Hueco Rock Rodeo

Alex Puccio and Jakob Schubert claim victory at the 23rd Hueco Rock Rodeo this weekend at Hueco Tanks, Texas.

By Rock and Ice | February 16th, 2016

Jakob Schubert sticks the throw on <em>Bleeding Brothers</em> (V12) during the Hueco Rock Rodeo this weekend. Photo: <a target=Andy Wickstrom.” title=”Jakob Schubert sticks the throw on Bleeding Brothers (V12) during the Hueco Rock Rodeo this weekend. Photo: Andy Wickstrom.” style=”float: right; margin: 0px 0px 10px 10px;”>Alex Puccio and Jakob Schubert claimed victory at the 23rd Hueco Rock Rodeo this weekend at Hueco Tanks, Texas.

Schubert, of Austria, repeated Desperanza (V14/15) on his first try during the comp and amassed a score of 7710 points, securing his position over the six-foot German bouldering beast Jan Hojer, who tallied 7290 points. Sam Davis, who reportedly sent six double-digit boulder problems, including Left Martini (V10) in the Martini Cave, rounded out the podium with 6960 points.

Alex Puccio, by a 1505-point margin, won the Women’s Open comp, besting long-time comp climbers and rivals Jule Wurm, who had 5005 points, and Akiyo Noguchi, with 3160 points.

The competition is scored based on the combined point value—harder boulder problems are worth more points—of a competitor’s six hardest problems of the day. In the event of a tie, ranking goes to number of tries.

In the Masters competition (40+), JBone, from Phoenix, Arizona, sought redemption over his defeat to Ty Foose last year. When the dust settled and the scores were tallied, it was a draw at 46 points each. But JBone eked out victory over the reining champ with 13 attempts to Foose’s 15.

After competitors and spectators filtered out of the boulders on Saturday, they returned to base camp at the Hueco Rock Ranch for the Dyno Comp, followed by a bonfire and all-night party.

Stay tuned for video highlights.


The 23rd Hueco Rock Rodeo was hosted by The American Alpine Club and Petzl.


Check out the photo gallery here: Faces of the 2016 Hueco Rock Rodeo


Results (Top 3 in each category):

Alex Puccio warms up on <em>Be Flat</em> (V4) before heading over to <em>Power of Silence</em> (V10). Photo: <a target=Michael Lim.” title=”Alex Puccio warms up on Be Flat (V4) before heading over to Power of Silence (V10). Photo: Michael Lim.” style=”float: right; margin: 0px 0px 10px 10px;”>

Women’s Open

1. Alex Puccio – 6510 points

2. Jule Wurm – 5005 points

3. Akiyo Noguchi – 3160 points

Men’s Open

1. Jakob Schubert – 7710 points

2. Jan Hojer – 7290 points

3. Sam Davis – 6960 points

Women’s Advanced

1. Juliet Hammer – 4545 points

2. Claire Bresnan – 3540 points

3. Laurel Todd – 2850 points

Men’s Advanced

1. Dalan Faulkner – 5630 points

2. Dan Horen – 5425 points

3. Brandon Fox – 5300 points

Women’s Intermediate

1. Charlotte Telfer – 3045 points

2. Sophia Hoermann – 2940 points

3. Rachel Pienknagura – 2690 points

Men’s Intermediate

1. Dylan Spurgin – 4040 points

2. Kris White – 4020 points

3. Justin Culberson – 2860 points

Women’s Recreational

1. Carmen Martinez – 1090 points

2. Angela Benefiel – 920 points

3. Debra Cheng – 830 points

Men’s Recreational

1. Jim Lee – 2000 points

2. Kestutis Micke – 1680 points

3. Matthew Black – 1640 points

Masters (age 40+)

1. JBone – 46 points (13 attempts)

2. Ty Foose – 46 points (15 attempts)

3. Charlie Lee – 15 points


Check out the highlights video from last year’s Hueco Rock Rodeo:


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