Alex Megos Sends Mandala Sit Start (V13/14)

Alex Megos cruised through the Buttermilks, taking down the Mandala Sit Start (V13/14)

By Monica Nigon | November 11th, 2014

Alex Megos has sent Mandala Sit Start (V13/14) in the Buttermilks near Bishop, California.



Megos has been on a sending spree through the area. He arrived to California on November 1, and promptly finished the Buttermilker (V13) on November 3 and the Swarm (V13/14)on November 8. The evening after sending the Mandala Sit Start, he made the brief four-hour trip to Red Rocks, Nevada, where he took down a V12 that he didn’t bother to identify.

On October 22, just days before leaving for the US, Megos made the first ascent of Sonic Kaboom (5.14d) on his home turf of Frankenjura, Germany.

Chris Sharma made the first ascent of The Mandala (V11/12) in 2000. France’s Tony Lamiche added the sit start in 2002. 


Watch this video of Tony Lamiche on the Mandala Sit Start.  

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