2017 USA Bouldering Youth National Championships Results

Well-known young superstars of U.S. climbing and new upcoming talent alike battled it out last weekend in Salt Lake City at the 2017 USAC Bouldering Youth Nationals.

By Harriet Ridley | February 13th, 2017


Well-known young superstars of U.S. climbing and new upcoming talent alike battled it out last weekend in Salt Lake City at the weekend-long 2017 USAC Bouldering Youth Nationals in the hope of earning a place in Team U.S.A. at the World Youth Championships. 

Only one week after the USA Bouldering Open National Championship, several of the youngest competitors in the adult comp were back in Salt Palace Convention Center to compete in this equivalent youth comp with others the same age as themselves. It’s perhaps no doubt that the young guns we saw in the Finals and on the adult podiums would be top of the board in their own age category.



  Female Male
1st     Margo Hayes Kai Lightner
2nd Lily Canavan Drew Ruana
3rd Grace McKeehan    Brett Walker

Junior Male Podium. Photo: Bryan Rafferty at FloClimbing.Junior Female Podium. Photo: Bryan Rafferty at FloClimbing.


Three young climbers, who all made it to Finals in the adult competition the previous weekend, filled the Junior Female Podium. 

Margo Hayes took the gold in what will be her final Youth Bouldering Nationals. Margo topped all three of problems in the Finals: the only competitor in this group to do so. Lily Canavan took silver after topping problems 2 and 3 and Grace McKeehan took the bronze.
Kai Lightner and Drew Ruana were head to head after both flashing the first two Finals problems, but Kai came through and topped the final problem in two attempts to take the gold. Brett Walker took the bronze.



  Female Male
1st     Ashima Shiraishi       Sam Struthers 
2nd Brooke Raboutou  Ross Fulkerson 
3rd Isabel Barrientos   Zach Galla 

Youth A Male Podium. Photo: Bryan Rafferty at FloClimbing. Youth A Female Podium. Bryan Rafferty at FloClimbing.










Ashima Shiraishi and Brooke Raboutou, who took second and third place the previous weekend in the adult competition, battled it out in the finals for the top spot in Female Youth A, and both topped all three Finals problems. Ashima narrowly claimed gold after a review of the live feed identified a mistake in the scoring of a fellow competitor, which left Ashima just ahead according to the USAC Ranking Score system.

There was a similar story of close competition for the boys. Sam Struthers and Ross Fulkerson both topped all three problems. It was Sam’s performance on the first problem that won him the gold. Zach Galla took bronze after failing to top the final problem.



  Female Male 
1st     Nekaia Sanders          Colin Duffy 
2nd Amelia Marcuson  Zander Waller 
3rd Sienna Kopf   Dylan Duregger 

Youth B Female Podium. Photo: Bryan Rafferty at FloClimbing.Youth B Male Podium. Photo: Bryan Rafferty at FloClimbing.










In Youth B, Nekiaia Sanders won by a considerable lead, topping all three problems and flashing the final boulder. Amelia Marcuson and Sienna Kopf topped two problems each.

The finals for the boys proved exceptionally tough, with each problem only seeing one top—each by one of the podium finishers. Colin Duffy, who was the shortest competitor in this group, showed the crowd that height means nothing and took gold. Zander Waller and Dylan Duregger took silver and bronze, respectively.



  Female  Male 
1st     Campbell Sarinopoulous      Lucas Oddi 
2nd Olivia Kosanovich  Quinn O’Francia 
3rd Lydia Dolan  Jack Felix 

Youth C Male Podium. Photo: Bryan Rafferty at FloClimbing.Youth C Female Podium. Photo: Bryan Rafferty at FloClimbing.










The girl’s podium required retrospective consideration of the Semifinal scores after Campbell Sarinopoulous and Olivia Kosanovich flashed all three problems. Based on Semifinals results Campbell snagged the gold. Lydia Dolan also topped all three problems and came in third.

Lucas Oddi flashed the second boulder, which earned him the gold. Quinn O’Francia also topped out this challenging second boulder, which earned him silver over Jack Felix, who took bronze.



  Female  Male 
1st     Julia de la Paz   Lucas Tillery 
2nd Maggie Carter  Augustine Chi 
3rd Lilly Czerwinski       Hugo Hoyer 

Youth D Male Podium. Photo: Bryan Rafferty at FloClimbing.Youth D Female Podium. Photo: Bryan Rafferty at FloClimbing.










Julia de la Paz took a clear gold in this category after flashing all three problems. She was also the only girl to top all three boulders. Maggie Carter earned two tops and Lilly Czerwinski one top, which earned them silver and bronze, respectively.

Lucas Tillery took gold for the boys by flashing problem 2. Silver and bronze required a consultation of Semifinals scores and on that basis Augustine Chi took silver and Hugo Hoyer took bronze.

Congratulations to all the competitors who took part.

You can see the in-depth scores from the comp, including which competitors will represent Team U.S.A., on the USA Climbing website. You can also see a full gallery by Bryan Rafferty from the Qualifiers, Semifinals and Finals, courtesy of FloClimbing. 

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