Eyeglasses Issue

I wear glasses and am worried that I’m going to scratch them on the rock.

By Gear Guy | March 12th, 2018



I wear glasses and am worried that I’m going to scratch them on the rock. Is this an issue? Have you ever tried putting cellphone screen protectors on your glasses to protect them?


Photo: Zuukuo / Creative Commons 2.0.


Cellphone screen protectors, essentially glorified Saran Wrap, might work, but they seem like an unnecessary hassle. Every time you climb you’ll have to cut the protectors to size and shape, and fit them over the lenses. I have enough bother getting out the door with all the climbing gear I actually need. I don’t need one more thing to deal with.

Lens scratches are a price you’ll pay for wearing glasses. Dust and airborne flotsam will inevitably settle on the lenses, and when you wipe the glass clean with your shirttail, as you’ll do because you need to see, you’ll scratch them. This is why I wear a sacrificial pair of glasses just for climbing.

I have, after 40 years, figured out a couple of tricks: You can minimize scratches by properly cleaning the lenses. Never wipe them dry. Pack a bottle of lens-cleaning solution, spritz the lenses and dry them with a lens-cleaning cloth. If you have to, you can breathe on the lenses. When you get home, hold your glasses under hot tap water, a sort of touchless car wash. Air dry. Next!


This article appeared in Rock and Ice issue 248 (February 2018).

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