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The Rapture of Soloing on Acid

By Colter Johnson | 05.02.2019

The Great Debate: Helmets at the Crag

The Great Debate: Helmets at the Crag

By Colter Johnson | 04.30.2019

John Long: Gravity
John Long Tales

John Long: Gravity

By John Long | 04.29.2019


The Seeker: Said Belhaj

Said Belhaj has sent over a thousand routes from 5.13b to 5.14d, many onsight. Why haven’t you heard of him?

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100% Myself: Climbing With Autism

Georgia is Autistic. But you wouldn’t have guessed. She’s learned to be “normal.” However, more and more, she wants to just be herself. Climbing has helped Georgia to confront her issues and realise that, for her, “normal” just isn’t.



Not-So-Fun Times (But Big Bouldering Potential) in Azerbaijan

Sometimes climbing trips involve far more time spent off the rocks than on.

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St. George, Utah: A Desert Bouldering Oasis

We all knew it was stupid. It was 109 degrees, humid enough to

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